Profesional de Música
  «Jacinto Guerrero»
invitado [Acceder]

Comenius Team

Welcome to our Comenius project “Music: an open door to Europe”
The basis of our project are to open doors to new performances and offer different experiences, both cultural and social, to the students within a European framework. We would like that they get the best academic, professional and personal opportunities.
What do we get with this project?
- To gather the different instrumental performance techniques by different schools in every country.
- To provide students the chance of a professional future in Europe.
- To develop and enhance the creative musical thinking directly related to the mathematical and linguistic one which are at the same time inherent to the practice of music.

Conservatorio Profesional de Música «Jacinto Guerrero» · C/ San Juan de la Penitencia, 2 · 45001 Toledo
Email: · Teléfono: 925 211 020 · Fax: 925 225 150